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Ahmad Mohammad Alsaleh

Work experience

THIQAH Business Services March 2019 – Present

Business Consultation Team Leader Currently working as a Business Consultation Team Leader at Thiqah Business Services. My tasks include:
  • Leading scoping and requirements activities for multiple Thiqah Clients and internal products which include:
    • Developing the BA Approach Plan for scoping activities.
    • Defining project goals and objectives.
    • Performing GAP Analysis and AS-IS/TO-BE process.
    • Identifying project stakeholders and overseeing the engagement.
    • Designing solution components and high-level features.
    • Identifying project assumptions, dependencies, constraints, and risks.
    • Assisting in defining User Story and requirements.
  • Overseeing the day-to-day tasks and activities of my team members to meet project deadlines.
  • Assisting and Coaching my team members whenever necessary on BA skills and techniques and agile standards.
  • Leading the scoping and requirement definition activities for the internal reusable components’ initiative.
  • Handling the yearly appraisals for my team members.

Jal International Co. Ltd. October 2017 – March 2019

Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager Worked as a Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager at JAL International. My tasks included:
  • Collecting data from the department team members to present to upper management.
  • Working on an Internal Reporting Tool for the company.
  • Developing document templates to standardize the team’s deliverables.
  • Managing the team’s tasks and making sure they are finished on time.

Elm May 2015 — October 2017

Senior Business Analyst Currently working as a Senior Business Analyst at Elm. My tasks Includes:
  • Conducting business requirement elicitation sessions with projects sponsors.
  • Documenting project scope in Scope of Work Documents.
  • Documenting elicited requirements in Business Requirement Specification Documents.
  • Validating requirements with project sponsors and business needs.
  • Identifying stakeholders for projects and communicating with these stakeholders.
  • Holding sizing meeting with Development and Quality Assurance teams.
  • Delivering product features that match clients' and end users' expectation and needs.
  • Handling 6+ clients in the projects I am working on.

Elm October 2014 — April 2015

Business Analyst

Remal IT December 2012 — June 2014

Project ManagerWorked on iThra Youth Portal as a Project Manager for 18 months. My tasks included: 
  • Estimating the budget of the project based on the project scope. 
  • Researching various Gamification platforms to use in portal. 
  • Researching various Content Management Systems (CMS) to use in the development of the portal. 
  • Searching for Educational Content to be used in the portal based on the project scope. 
  • Searching for translation and voice over companies to translate the Educational content for the portal. 
  • Searching and interviewing web developers to work on the development of the project. 
  • Handling communication between the various stakeholders in the project (The Main Project Sponsor, Gamification Company, Educational Content Owners, Translation Company) 
  • Creating the Project Plan for the project. 
  • Meeting with the sponsor to elicitate requirement for the project. 
  • Designing the User Interface Layouts for the pages of the portal. 
  • Designing the Gamification system for the portal.
  • Integrating the Gamification platform with the portal.
  • Managing the development team of the portal. 
  • Testing the portal's features and reporting bugs. 
  • Keeping track of the project spendings. 
  • Weekly reporting to upper management about the progress of the portal.

Remal IT September 2012 — November 2012

Game Requirements Analyst and Content DesignerWorked on Areeb World game as a Game Requirements Analyst and Content Designer for 3 months. My tasks included: 
  • Designing educational quests for the game. 
  • Designing some of the systems in the game (Combat System, Revision System, Leveling System). 
  • Participating in brain storming session to design the interface of the game.
  • Testing the game and discovering bugs. 
  • Searching for voice acting companies to do the voice acting of the game. 
  • Writing out the email notifications for the website of the game. 

Remal IT June 2012 — August 2012

Associate Project ManagerWorked for 3 months as an Associate Project Manager on Kammelna game. My tasks included: 
  • Testing the game and discovering bugs. 
  • Participating in brain storming sessions to find solutions for bugs or problems in the game.
  • Weekly reporting of developers progress to project stakeholders.
  • Working with Customer Support to improve their support ticket handling. 
  • Working on the development and testing of the iOS version of the game. 


Naql Portal:
Naql Portal is an electronic service for Public Transport Authority that automates the Authority’s services like Organization Licenses, Operation Cards, and Driver Cards.

Efada Portal:
Efada provides electronic medical reports for users, individuals and sectors such as private companies and government sectors, as an electronic alternative to paper reports. Moreover, Efada is linked to related sectors as it registers and transfers information of the medical reports "inspection of the residence" approved by Ministry of Health to the databases of related parties like ministries and companies through a secure electronic system.

iThra Youth Portal: 
iThra Youth aims to develop a socio-learning-collaborative Portal to enhance and extend the experience of its visitors, provide a space of communication and maintain and retain the visitors’ interests in its programs and activities through Gamification. 

Areeb World: 
Areeb World is an interactive virtual world that combines entertainment, education, and social networking. Its purpose is to create an immersive and attractive game that will also provide players (K-12 students) with learning activities strongly linked to their school core curriculum, in addition to enabling personality development and cultural awareness. 

Kammelna is an online multi-player card game site, based on the famous local game "Baloot". It attracts 40K+ daily player, 150K+ monthly player. "Tarneeb", another popular game in the middle east, was recently released on Facebook, under the Kammelna brand. A Facebook client for "Baloot" was also released. Other card games are planned to be added to the Kammelna brand.


Business Process Analysis, Modelling and Innovation August 2017

ES Learning

Defining Business Needs and Solution Scope May 2017

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution

Developing a Business Case December 2016

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution

Foundations of Business Analysis September 2016

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution This course discusses the business analysis process as it is applied throughout a project, including the pre-project activities that comprise enterprise analysis. It teaches how a business analyst supports the project throughout the solution development life cycle, from establishing the solution vision and scope in the analysis phase to validating that requirements have been met in the testing phase.

Associate’s Certificate in Business Analysis November 2015

The George Washington UniversityReceived this certificate after successfully completing for the following courses:
  • Testing Techniques for Tracing and Validating Requirements
  • Developing Use Cases
  • How to Gather and Document User Requirements

Testing Techniques for Tracing and Validating Requirements November 2015

ESI InternationalThis course teaches the competencies required to create test cases and scenarios and to ensure proper test coverage according to the risk level. It also teaches the different levels and types of testing commonly used in solution development.

Developing Use Cases August 2015

ESI InternationalThis Course provides Business Analysts with the required competencies for creating use case diagrams and use case scenarios, which serve as a vehicle for eliciting, analyzing, documenting and communicating functional requirements.

Consultancy Practice May 2015

Assist Knowledge DevelopmentAttended AssistKD’s Consultency Practice which provides participants with the skills they need to act as either an external or internal information systems consultant. These skills may be in support of their primary role, such as Business Analyst, or to prepare them for a stand-alone consultancy role.

How to Gather and Document User Requirements December 2014

ESI InternationalThis “how-to” course introduces the roles of the business analyst as they relate to the elicitation, analysis and documentation of requirements. It familiarizes participants with the core knowledge and skills required to identify and document user requirements. It also addresses how these requirements are managed throughout the life cycle.

B.S. in Software Engineering September 2006 — April 2012

King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsGraduated with 2.74 GPA and 3.595 Major GPA. The scope of my senior project was to develop a social network (Ajhezaty) based on sharing user knowledge about electronic devices.
Major Elective Courses Taken: Software Architecture, Object-Oriented Design Pattern, Theory of Computing

Gamification August 2012 — December 2012

CourseraThis course provides an introduction to gamification as a business practice, describes relevant psychological and design concepts, and explains how to apply game thinking effectively in a variety of contexts.

Interactive Programming in Python October 2012 — April 2013

CourseraThis introductory course teaches students the basics of interactive programming in Python. Students built a collection of simple interactive games to solidify their understanding of the material.

Technical Background

  • Programming Languages : Java, C, C#, JavaScript, HTML, php, ASP.NET.
  • Database Technologies : MySQL and Oracle.
  • Platforms : Windows, Linux Red Hat.
  • Software Tools : NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio, UML Modeling in Enterprise Architect, Software Testing using Junit.